Iconic Design
    Coca-Cola asked us to design a modern version of the 84 year-old bell glass, a genuine design icon. How do you recreate an Icon?
    By reducing the story down to the essence with a design intuitively understood.
    "Simple Icon. You have seen it before. Stripped down to its essense. The shape of the glass. Holding the glass. Internal force. Super simple." Thomas Meyerhoffer
      Universally Connecting
      Swedish brand Tork asked us to design a line of paper dispensers to help them become a global leader.
      How do you communicate universally recognised values such as hygene, soft and inviting, only with the design of the object?
      Soft Capsule
      We created a design that is soft and inviting. Sculptural strong forms intuitively communicate the right values to the user. A capsule delivering a clean peice of paper.

      "The designs translucent window intuitively communicate trust and delivery. It's something in there" Thomas Meyerhoffer
      "Today my design are experienced by over 10 million people every day in 84 countries in locations as diverse as: Sydney Opera House, Copenhagen airport, Verbier ski area and Indian temples. And Tork has become the world leader in sustainable paper systems" Thomas Meyerhoffer
        an Experience
        What started as a passion has become it's own path. Today our disruptive surfboard designs is used by devotees and professional surfers all over the world and has received a string of international design awards.

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        "I was interested to exploring the shape of a surfboard to create a different experience" Thomas Meyerhoffer
        "Today we have a following of dedicated surfers from all around the world" Thomas Meyerhoffer
          Sit on me
          Gulio Cappellini, founder of the legendary Italian furniture brand is known for exploring the domestic landscape. We were commissioned to propose a new chair design that continued in the Giulio’s free-thinking tradition. We did.
          "I wanted to explore design that allow you to sit any way you like" Thomas Meyerhoffer