Designing experiences.

Thomas Meyerhoffer is an award-winning designer collaborating with world leading brands and meaningful startup's. Meyerhoffer is working across an unusually broad range of categories spanning wellbeing, sport and technology. His work gravitates towards intuitive and engaging design solutions. Meyerhoffer design and make tools for memorable experiences.

"While the work is functional, the forms play on human interactions and the need to connect"

Portrait of Thomas Meyerhoffer

Thomas Meyerhoffer was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1965. He studied Industrial Design at the Art Center College of Design in Switzerland. Thomas’ early career includes tenure at Apple, IDEO, and Porsche.

He established his own design practice in 1999 after working with Jonathan Ive at Apple as a Senior Designer. He is Co-founder & Chief Design Officer of startup Latch and Chief Design Officer at medical startup Invuity.

His work has been acknowledged by accolades including Idea, D&AD, and RedDot Design Awards. He has been recognized for his skill in creating intuitive objects and experiences by publications including The New York Times, Fast Company, The Surfers Journal, Domus and institutions like Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, SFMOMA, and Design Museum, London.

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IDEA Award, (Latch) 2016

Good design Australia, (Latch) 2016

IF Design Awards (Latch) 2016

IDEA Award, Silver (Slip In) 2014

IDEA Award, (Coca-Cola), 2014

Sacred Craft, Best In Show, (Slip In) 2013

Design Museum, London, Designed To Win, (Surfboards) 2012

Australian International Design Awards, Gold (Surfboard) 2010

D&Ad Awards (Surfboard) 2010

I.D. Awards, (Surfboard) 2010

IDEA Award, Gold (Surfboard) 2010

Medical Design Excellence Award (PEAK) 2009

IF Design Award (Tork) 2009

Red Dot Design Awards (Tork) 2009

IDEA Award, Gold (Neil Pryde) 2009

IF Design Awards (Neil Pryde ) 2003

Red Dot Design Awards, (Neil Pryde) 2003

IF Design Awards (Flow Binding) 2003

Red Dot Design Awards (Flow Binding) 2003

Wired RAVE Awards (Danger HipTop) 2003

I.D. Magazine (Apple eMate) 1997

IF Design Awards (Apple eMate) 1997

Good Design (Apple eMate) 1997

IDEA Award, Silver (Apple eMate) 1997

D&Ad Awards (Apple eMate) 1997

Select Events

Speaker, RISE, Hong Kong 2016

Judge, D&Ad Awards, London, United Kingdom 2014

Best In Show, The Boardroom Show, (Meyerhoffer Surfboard) 2013

Designed To Win, London Design Museum, 2012

TechnoCRAFT, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, United States 2010

Shapers Night, Noosa Festival Of Surfing, 2010

The California Design Biennial Pasadena, San Francisco, United States 2007

The National Design Triennial, Cooper Hewitt National Museum, New York, United States 2006

Blobobjects and Beyond, San Jose Museum, San Jose, United States 2005

Future Design Days, Stockholm, Sweden 2005

New Scandinavia, Die Neue Sammlung, Stockholm, Sweden 2000

Permanent Collection, MOMA , San Francisco, United States 1998

Select Press

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