A different seat


Montara mountain

Italian furniture brand, Cappellini is known as a trendsetter for its experimentation and exploration of new ways of living and furnishing the domestic landscape. Many of their products become iconic pieces, exhibited in museums throughout the world. With guidance from founder, Giulio Cappellini, an emblematic figure in the international design, we were commissioned to propose a new chair design that continued in the Giulio’s free-thinking tradition.

Cappellini chair designed by Thomas Meyerhoffer

Cappellini chair back and side view

Cappellini Chair. front and rear view.

Foremost, the chair had to function in seating the user comfortably in a variety of settings. We devised a distinctive, mono-shape, underpinned with balanced ergonomics, allowing the sitter to face forward in a conventional manner, or straddle the chair, much like sitting in a saddle.

Presenting an eye-catching silhouette from any angle of view, the chair has a poetic practicality that invites you to position it anywhere and use it your own way. The chair was shown at milano furniture fair 2001.

Daring in its construction, the chair harnessed furniture and sports technologies. It is comprised of a carbon fiber frame layered with high-performance foam, pressure-formed, wrapped in a luxury leather manufactured by a known Italian car brand. Raised cushioning interfaces with the body at critical posture points, for maximum comfort in lounging.

Chair in studio

Prototype chair in the studio, 2016.