Heritage Glass

Updating An Icon

Coca-Cola Heritage glass

As universally recognizable as the Spencerian script logo, the Coca-Cola glass is a genuine design icon. Together with the patented Contour Bottle, they comprise the most recognized packaging in modern industrial history. How then could we re-design the now 84 year-old, Coca-Cola bell glass and ensure this status was maintained: how do you update an icon?

Coca-Cola logo

Our first step was to research the many Coke bottles and glasses produced throughout the company’s 126-year history, stored in the Atlanta archives. It became obvious the drinkware served as more than a mere receptacle, rather its form elements expressed the uplifting experience of Coca-Cola: the effervesce sound, rich color, sweet aroma and refreshing taste.

Design sketch of Coca-Cola Heritage glass

Drawing as an excercise in form finding

The Purest Form Possible

Strict production guidlines demanded absolute design precision. Guided by the functionality of the glass, we explored the external space and internal force of the object. Balancing the proportions and refining curvatures down to the purest form possible, we arrived at a subtly alluring and memorable silhouette that invites you to, 'Have A Coke'. The design is a clear expression of the function of the glass and succeeded in becoming a symbol of the Coca-Cola identity.

Technical drawings of Coca-Cola Heritage glass

Technical drawings from Coca-Cola

Launch party at Colette in Paris

Launch party at Colette, Paris, 2013.

Global Launch

Initially sold exclusively at Colette, Paris following a special launch party, the Heritage Glass has since been made available through Coke’s worldwide distribution channels, including specialty and department stores, adding a new chapter to this iconic brand story.

Coca-Cola Heritage Glass, 2013.

Design sketch of Coca-Cola Heritage glass