Latch design by Thomas Meyerhoffer

Mindfull and seamless

Latch is for everyone and anyone. Your mom, the pizza man, and your dog walker. Latch intuitively conveys trust, longevity, and mindfulness through its silent yet familiar design. By rethinking access we reinvented the way you gain or give access.

Low tech and high tech form a symbiotic relationship through the combination of traditional die casted metal parts and a technologically advanced lens. This creates a seamless interface that presents its key components only when needed in a welcoming way.

Sketch of Latch lock

Latch Lens

The gentle curvature of the lens affixed high on the face of the body recollects the human eye. With a soft natural gaze via a semitransparent enclosure, the Latch Lens conveys an instinctual familiarity to establish trust. Named "the unblinking eye" by The New York Times, The lens incorporates a camera that allows for two-way authentication of guests.

The design allows the user to choose from several access options. Use your Smart phone, code, card or key.

Latch lens design

Latch mobile app design

Designing & making

Parts of the lock including covers, door handles and motherboard

Quality materials, extensive testing, and a simple design establish longevity. The handle and body are crafted from durable die casted metal for feel and endurance.

Latch handle design

The high tech precision lens combines multiple layers of advanced technology into one simple unified module that is hermetically sealed and weather proofed for reliability and mindfulness day after day, time after time.

Latch handle design

Black. Gold. Silver. Three high quality, long lasting finishes. Custom designed to fit in a wide variety of environments and spaces.

Latch colors


We received four international design awards from three different continets in 2016.

Latch Design Awards 2016

Ltch on a green door in NYC

Ltch on a green door in NYC