Dispenser system for bathrooms


Three Tork Dispensers in White

Mindful and inviting.

SCA is a leader in global hygiene and sustainable paper products. They operate in over 100 countries with annual sales exceeding 10 billion Euros.

Studio Meyerhoffer was commissioned by Tork to design a line of dispensers that would communicate an universal message of hygene and mindfullness.

Sketch of tork design

Drawing simple capsules with intuitive functionality.

The design had to function across different cultures, countries and in range of environments; away-from-home washrooms, healthcare, the service industry. It should be aesthetically pleasing and functional to a broad audience. The dispenser would serve as the first touchpoint between the product and consumer, therefore beyond a basic action, it needed to inspire — through design — a connection with the user and their well-being.

It is rare that products are used by such a wide range of people as the Tork paper dispensers. Whether it is the Sydney Opera house, Empire State building, airports from Las Vegas to Copenhagen or in a small temple in India, the design has to equally appeal to everyone that comes in touch with it.

Tork dispenser

Paper towel dispenser

100 Million users, every day.

When Meyerhoffer started to engage with Tork they where number three in the world, today Tork is the clear number one with over 100 million users every single day. Tork is also a sustainable business with longevity. In the last two years Studio Meyerhoffer has advised Tork on Design strategy and Tork is currently releasing an aluminum dispenser line where Studio Meyerhoffer advised on design and design strategy.

Tork 2016


In 2009, the Tork Elevation range received both an IF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award. The products were assessed on criteria including functionality, design quality, degree of innovation and environmental friendliness.