Latch design by Thomas Meyerhoffer

Thoughtful design

Latch was designed as an considered solution for a basic human need, access. The design engages two senses, sight and touch. The innovative and powerful lens module pushes the boundaries of simplicity. It's designed to rest discreetly until awakened. Very familiar, very inviting.

The latch handle, with its sculptural back and strong weighted feel, is immediately connecting. These two senses subconsciously work together in an simple and engaging form. They draw the user to the design. Access then becomes trustful and functional.

Sketch of Latch lock

Designing the right experience

Latch is intelligent access reimagined. The design thoughtfully engages the physical and digital experience, introducing a new inclusive and seamless design that is simple and silent to fit into any environment.

Parts of the lock including covers, door handles and motherboard

Solid precise, & innovative

An inclusive design with the user in mind. By merging aesthetic and function in every detail, the result is a comprehensive design for everyone.

Intentional Materials. The body and handle are cast metal. The lens is polycarbonate. By being very purposeful in choosing the highest quality materials, Latch can endure time. Together they form a welcoming cohesive design.

Latch Animation

Latch Lens

Meyerhoffer envisioned an innovative new touch interface that is embedded in the Latch Lens that feels familiar and is easy to use. The lens incorporates a camera that allows for two-way authentication of guests.

Latch lens design

The crafted a powerful lens module that pushes the boundaries of simplicity. The discrete touch interface interacts with users in the most natural, intuitive way. Named "the unblinking eye" by The New York Times, the powerful lens module pushes the boundaries of simplicity. It's designed to rest discreetly until awakened. Very familiar, very inviting.

Latch handle design

The innovative technology module was crafted with a doubble sided circular board layout. Unique in the industry and hugely innovative for a start up.

Latch lens design

The design allows the user to choose from several access options. Use your Smart phone, code, card or key.

Latch mobile app design

Latch App

The connection between the physical and digital experience was carefully considered. The design of the mobile app creating a trustful and engaging experience, easily understood by anyone.

Latch colors

Curated palettes

Black. Gold. Silver. Three high quality, long lasting finishes. Custom designed to fit in a wide variety of environments and spaces.

Latch handle design

Latch Handle

Designed with a dynamic front edge, a sculptural back, and strong weighted feel, the handle is immediately robust and familiar.

Latch Design Awards 2016


Latch has received three international design awards in 2016. IF Award, Germany. IDSA Award, USA and Good Design Award in Australia.

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Ltch on a green door in NYC

Ltch on a green door in NYC