Slip In surfboard

Slip In Surfboard



Water on the beach

Investigating nature to rethink surfboards.

In 2000, Thomas began exploring new surfboard concepts. Less concerned in functionality and instead focused on feeling, these early surfboards were created in an expression of the experience itself: riding a wave.

Finding design in nature and never intended for production they explored new design directions and became the start of a journey that would take Thomas around the world over the next several years and meet some of most influential shapers and surfers.

Today, Meyerhoffer has a dedicated following of surfers from around the world surfing the explorative designs. Determined to move the experience forward, he continues to develop new surfboard designs.

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Josh Mulcoy

Josh Mulcoy, a surfers with an open mind searching for new experiences.

XYZ surfboard

XYZ Longboard



Noseriding the Meyerhoffer surfboard

Professional surfer and world traveller, Sam Bleakely surfing the XYZ model. Barbados, 2014

Meyerhoffer Original Surfboard

Meyerhoffer Original



Jamie O'Brien

Watch Jamie O'Brien speak about Slip In. Red Bull Decades 2013.

Supernormal Surfboard




Meyerhoffer Flex Fin

Meyerhoffer Flex Fin



Eric Geiselman

Eric Geiselman surfing Slip In single fin in huge wave

Eric Geiselman. "This board is magical." Stock 5.10, Puerto Rico, 2014.

Legozoo surfboard tail

Legozoo tail

Montara mountain

Montara Beach

Meyerhoffer surfboards are made in California and available by custom order with worldwide shipping.